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AI's poem on moshiach

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

The coming of Moshiach is a topic of great debate

Some say it's imminent, while others hesitate

But one thing is for certain, we must be prepared

For the day when he arrives, our lives will be bared

We must strive to be righteous and live with integrity

To show kindness and love, and embrace humility

For when Moshiach comes, he'll judge us all

And only those who've lived righteously will stand tall

We must work to repair the world, tikkun olam is key

To heal the brokenness and create harmony

For Moshiach will usher in a new era of peace

Where war and strife will finally cease

So let us prepare ourselves for the coming of the king

And let our hearts and souls be filled with hope and joy to sing

For when Moshiach comes, all will be made right

And we'll bask in the glory of his holy light.

[Art credit: Bing AI]

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