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The natural drive of the soul to Hashem. * Our souls naturally resonate with the Divine, and it is this resonance that ignites our deep longing to remain connected to Hashem. * On Hayom Yom for 25 Tammuz.

by ChatGPT

In the world of Chassidic thought, we encounter two remarkable expressions that initially appear separate: (a) a Jew's natural ability to recognize the presence of G‑d and sense the extraordinary in everyday life, and (b) their unbreakable connection to G‑d, as if it were an integral part of their very essence. The surprising revelation lies in the fact that these expressions are not two distinct phenomena, but rather intimately intertwined facets of our Jewish souls.

Imagine for a moment that you possess an extraordinary sixth sense. You have an innate ability to perceive the hidden beauty and wonders that exist beyond the realm of the physical. It's as if you have a pair of spiritual goggles that allow you to see the fingerprints of the Divine in every moment, in every encounter, and in every aspect of creation. This extraordinary perception is part of your spiritual DNA, an inherent knowing that transcends the need for rational proofs.

Our sages teach us that within each Jewish soul resides a divine spark, a sacred core that connects us directly to G‑d. It is like a tiny flame within us, constantly flickering and yearning to grow stronger.

Or consider a magnet and a piece of iron. They are irresistibly drawn to one another, with an invisible force pulling them together. In a similar vein, our souls possess an innate magnetic pull towards G‑d. It is as if there is an invisible thread that connects us to the Divine, a thread that weaves through the very fabric of our being. We long for that connection; we yearn to be close to G‑d because it is an integral part of who we are.

Reflecting on this, we come to understand that our ability to sense the extraordinary and our unyielding attachment to G‑d are inseparable. It is through our inherent recognition of G‑dliness that we find the source of our unwavering connection. Our souls naturally resonate with the Divine, and it is this resonance that ignites our deep longing to remain connected to G‑d.

Let us take a moment to marvel at the beauty of this teaching. Within each of us lies an incredible sensitivity to the Divine. It's like having a secret superpower that enables us to witness the miraculous in the mundane, the sacred in the ordinary. This recognition is not a matter of scholarly debate or intellectual gymnastics; it is an experiential reality that courses through our veins.

Today, let us celebrate the awe-inspiring beauty of our souls, the wondrous connection we share with the Divine. Embrace the recognition, cherish the longing, and allow your soul to dance in harmony with the divine rhythm of life.

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