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Updated: Oct 20, 2023

The recent conflict in the Holy Land has inevitably evoked parallels with the global confrontation described by the prophet Ezekiel. The description of “a vast horde, a mighty army” (Ezekiel 38:15) paints a foreboding picture, reminiscent of the threats and challenges we face today.


But far from intending to intimidate, they urge us towards unity and spiritual resilience. The words, "I have brought them back from among the peoples and gathered them out of the lands of their enemies" (Ezekiel 39:27), emphasize that adversity serves to strengthen our collective spirit, testing our faith and molding us into a singular, indomitable force.


Then there’s the promise of the onset of a new era. "I will never again hide My face from them, for I will pour out My spirit upon the House of Israel," (Ezekiel 39:29) Hashem assures the Jewish people. Abarbanel elucidates this verse as signaling the renaissance of prophecy and divine guidance, heralding a new era where the Jewish nation stands at the forefront, guiding not just our destiny, but shaping the future of the entire world.


Amid the turbulence, there's a beacon of hope. Ezekiel's prophecies don't merely foretell challenges, they promise resolution. The divine intervention on behalf of Israel signifies a turning point for humanity: "...and have manifested My holiness through them in the sight of many nations" (Ezekiel 39:27). This is the dawn of a time when global peace is not just an aspiration, but an impending reality. Unity becomes our compass in this journey, especially when Ezekiel reassures that “I will... leave none of them behind” (Ezekiel 39:28).

As we navigate these tumultuous times, let's take solace in the vision of a brighter, harmonious future—a future our sages have echoed, and one that we can actively manifest through every act of kindness, every gesture of unity, and every fervent prayer for peace. Drawing from these eternal promises, let's confront our challenges and our enemies head-on, unified in spirit and purpose, hastening the dawn of the Moshiach era.


Defeat of Gog: The chapter begins with God's promise to bring Gog, a symbolic enemy figure representing hostile nations, to the land of Israel and defeat him there. This defeat will serve as a manifestation of God's power and protection over His people.

God's Glory Displayed: The fall of Gog and his armies will be so vast that it would take the Israelites seven months to bury the dead. This act is significant as it showcases God's might and dominance over the enemies of Israel. The victory is not just a military triumph but also serves as a spiritual assertion of God's sovereignty.

Restoration and Cleansing: Following the defeat of Gog, a great fire will consume the land of Magog and those coastlands that lived securely. This purging fire is symbolic of purification, making way for a period of renewal and restoration. The instruments of war left behind by the defeated foes will serve the Israelites for seven years as fuel, implying that the remnants of past adversities will be transformed into resources for Israel's benefit.

Recognition of God's Power: The nations will come to recognize God's supremacy through these events. They will understand that the exile of the Israelites was due to their iniquities, and it was not a demonstration of God's weakness but rather His righteous judgment.

God's Presence Re-established: Towards the end of the chapter, there's a beautiful promise of restoration. God assures Israel that He will bring them back from among the nations and gather them from their enemies' lands. This return is not just physical but spiritual, as God pledges to pour out His spirit on the House of Israel. The chapter closes with a commitment from God that He will never hide His face from them again, symbolizing an unbreakable bond and the ultimate redemption.

In essence, Ezekiel 39 paints a hopeful picture of redemption, where adversities are overcome, the bond between God and Israel is strengthened, and a brighter, divinely-blessed future awaits the Children of Israel.

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