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Updated: Jul 18, 2023

The surprising connection between the sun, the sefirot, and your soul. * The first light: a hidden key to unlocking your divine potential. * On the Tanya for 3 Tammuz. by Bing AI

The verse says: "And God said: 'Let there be light.' And there was light." (Genesis 1:3) What is this light that God created on the first day of creation? The Tanya teaches us that this light was not a physical phenomenon, but a spiritual one. It was the manifestation of God's attribute of kindness, which He revealed to create the world. This kindness is one of the sefirot, the divine attributes or emanations that express God's will and wisdom.

But how can we understand the sefirot? How can we relate to these abstract concepts that are beyond our comprehension? The Tanya gives us an analogy of the sun and its rays. Just as the rays are not separate from the sun, but are an expression of its light, so too the sefirot are not separate from God, but are an expression of His light.

This analogy is surprising and profound. It challenges us to rethink our perception of reality. It tells us that everything that exists in the world is not independent or separate from God, but is a reflection of His light. It tells us that nothing can conceal or diminish God's presence, for He is the source and sustainer of all existence. It tells us that we are not distant or disconnected from God, but are constantly connected to Him through His sefirot.

This analogy also inspires us to emulate God's attributes in our own lives. Just as God revealed His kindness to create light, so too we should reveal our kindness to create light in the world. Just as God balanced His kindness with His might to create harmony and balance in the world, so too we should balance our kindness with our might to create harmony and balance in our lives. Just as God used His sefirot to fulfill His purpose in creation, so too we should use our sefirot to fulfill our purpose in life.

What is our purpose in life? The Tanya tells us that our purpose is to come closer to God and to unite with Him. How do we achieve this? By studying His Torah and performing His commandments, which are expressions of His sefirot. By doing so, we align ourselves with His will and wisdom, and we draw down His light into our souls and into the world.

May we all merit to see the light of God's sefirot shining in ourselves and in everything around us. Amen.

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