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Psalm 122 is a psalm of ascent traditionally attributed to King David. While it does not explicitly mention Moshiach, it carries themes and sentiments that can be related to the Messianic era. Here's a summary of the chapter and how it can be connected to Moshiach:

Psalm 122 begins with a joyful declaration of the psalmist's excitement and anticipation as they approach Jerusalem, the holy city. They express a sense of unity and gladness at the opportunity to stand within its gates and within the presence of God.

In the context of Moshiach, Jerusalem holds great significance as the prophesied center of the Messianic reign. The psalm's focus on Jerusalem as a place of gathering and unity aligns with the idea that Moshiach will gather the Jewish people and bring them back to the land of Israel. It reflects the hope and anticipation associated with the ultimate redemption and the establishment of a time of peace and spiritual fulfillment.

The psalmist prays for the welfare and security of Jerusalem, invoking blessings upon those who love and seek the city's peace. This resonates with the Messianic vision of a world characterized by harmony, justice, and tranquility. Moshiach is often seen as the agent of bringing about this peace, and their reign is expected to usher in an era of global harmony and well-being.

Furthermore, the psalm contains a call to offer praise and thanksgiving within the gates of Jerusalem, expressing a desire to engage in worship and connect with God's presence. In the Messianic era, it is believed that the spiritual awareness and connection with the Divine will be elevated, as Moshiach guides humanity towards a heightened level of holiness and closeness to God.

While Psalm 122 does not directly mention Moshiach, its focus on Jerusalem, unity, peace, and the longing for divine presence resonates with the ideals associated with the Messianic era. It reflects the aspirations and hopes for the future when Moshiach will bring about a time of redemption, unity, and spiritual fulfillment for all.

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