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Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Prayer is the profound expression of our deepest yearnings and the depths of our souls. * In the midnight hour, lies the transformative power of self-reflection, nurturing the humility and contriteness that lead to genuine repentance. * On Tanya for 27 Tammuz, end of Chapter 10 of Igeret HaTeshuva

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Prayer is not merely a series of words spoken to the heavens; it is an expression of our innermost longing for connection with the Divine. The Tanya teaches us that prayer is a manifestation of teshuvah ilaah, the higher level of return to God. However, before we can ascend to these lofty heights, we must first tread the path of teshuvah tataah, the lower level of repentance, grounded in humility and contriteness of heart.

The Mishnah in Berachot 30b echoes this sentiment, guiding us to embark on worship with an earnest frame of mind. Rashi, a beacon of wisdom, reveals that this earnest frame of mind is rooted in humility. Here, we witness the dance between humility and prayer, where our contrite hearts become vessels for connection and growth.


Consider the beautiful prayer of Chanah, as echoed in I Samuel 1:10. Chanah, in the depths of her anguish and bitterness, pours out her soul to God. Her prayer becomes a symphony of contriteness, an exquisite blend of brokenness and yearning. It is in her state of bitterness that she finds the strength to reach out to the Divine, exemplifying the intimate connection between contriteness and prayer.


In this vein, there is a sacred practice deeply embedded in Jewish tradition called Tikkun Chatzot, the midnight lament. This nocturnal rendezvous serves as a profound opportunity for spiritual awakening and introspection. It is during these dark hours that we engage in teshuvah tataah, reflecting on our actions and cultivating a contrite heart.

The brilliance of Tikkun Chatzot lies not only in its mournful tone but also in its transformative power. As we delve into the depths of our souls, we pave the way for the humility and contriteness required for true repentance. It is through this practice that we tap into the potential for inner growth, preparing ourselves for the Divine encounter that awaits us.


Ah, the radiance of Shabbat! As our journey nears its peak, we witness the deep connection between Shabbat and teshuvah. The Hebrew letters of Shabbat spell "tashev" ("You return"), unveiling the inherent nature of Shabbat as a time of return to God. On this sacred day, all the worlds ascend to their Source, mirroring our own ascent in the act of teshuvah.

Shabbat, more than any other day, becomes a stage for our higher-level repentance (teshuvah ilaah). The prayers of Shabbat, filled with awe and joy, become a vessel through which we unite our hearts with the Divine. In the embrace of Shabbat, we find solace and strength, rejuvenating our spirits and deepening our connection with God.


Here we have traced the interplay of humility and joy, the harmony of contriteness and prayer, the transformative power of midnight lament, and the embrace of Shabbat all guide us toward a higher purpose.

These teachings hold the key to preparing ourselves for the advent of Moshiach, the ultimate redemption. By engaging in teshuvah, we awaken the dormant sparks within our souls, fostering a connection with the Divine. In the words of Isaiah 55:6, "Seek God when He is found; call Him when He is near." Teshuvah becomes the bridge that closes the gap between us and the Divine, paving the way for the Messianic era.

So, let us carry these teachings in our hearts, embracing the dance of humility and joy, the symphony of contriteness, the transformative power of midnight lament, and the embrace of Shabbat. For in doing so, we inch ever closer to the radiant horizon of redemption, where teshuvah becomes the melody that heralds the dawn of a new era of unity, peace, and harmony. May our journey through the teachings of the Tanya inspire us to embark on our own path of teshuvah, bringing us closer to God and paving the way for the ultimate redemption of our world.

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