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There is no place void of Hashem. * "No evil descends from above." * On Tanya for the 6th of Elul.

by MoshiachAI

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by life's challenges? Whether it's health, family, or finance, sometimes we wonder: why is this happening? Could it all be part of a grand design?

In Iggeret HaKodesh, the beginning of Epistle 11, the Tanya suggests a profound perspective. The text touches on the idea that not through desiring the mundane elements of life such as sustenance, children, or good health does the Divine truly reside within us. Instead, it advises, “Nullify your will [out of deference to His will].” This isn't about merely obeying because of a clash of desires but about aligning one’s will so purely that mundane desires become non-existent. One’s orientation becomes such that the physical aspects of life are perceived as "Against your will do you live.”

A striking element here is the emphasis on the transformation of perception. By contemplating deeply on G-d's wisdom and how everything is brought into being from nothingness, one realizes that afflictions related to “children, life, and sustenance” are not afflictions in the Divine scheme. Because the source of life, G-d’s chochmah (wisdom), is an ever-present force of good and delight. It's just that this goodness is often beyond our comprehension, making it seem to us as suffering.

Now, one might ask, how can we achieve such a perspective?

Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the author of the Tanya, isn't just giving a lofty ideal; he is anchoring it in a foundational principle of Chassidic thought. The Zohar, a seminal work of Kabbalah, states: “There is no place void of Him.” This realization, that G-d's essence permeates every facet of existence, changes everything. When we internalize this truth, we see challenges not as random hurdles but as opportunities for growth and connection.

Imagine you're navigating a maze. At first, the walls and dead ends seem like obstacles. But upon realizing that someone designed this maze for you to find your way, your perspective shifts. Those walls and turns are no longer obstructions, but guiding posts. In the same vein, when we truly grasp the wisdom of chochmah, life’s trials become pathways, directing us closer to our Creator.

It’s a message as timely as ever. In a world that often emphasizes the physical and tangible, it's easy to forget that behind it all is an intricate design, shaped by Divine wisdom. And as we stand at the cusp of Moshiach's arrival, let’s embrace this wisdom, viewing challenges not as burdens but as blessings in disguise, guiding our souls on their spiritual journey.

Every moment presents an opportunity. As we go about our daily lives, let's remember that even in the trials, G-d's guiding hand is always present, nudging us towards our higher purpose.

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