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Dusk's embrace, Erev Shabbos unfolds, Whispered prayers, Soul's ascent, Fading daylight, Revealing hidden paths.

Preceding Moshiach, Hope soars on eagle's wings, Hearts ablaze, Transformed world, Rivers merging mountains.

Shabbos arrives, Joy cascades, waterfall's song, Melodies interlace, Wildflowers bloom, Vibrant tapestry unfurls.

Before Moshiach, Rejoicing hearts, cicada's chorus, Songs echo, valleys and peaks, Torah's compass, Faith, eternal flame.

Erev Shabbos and Moshiach, Intertwined vines, sunlit avant-garde, Unfolding preparation, Sacred elevation, Whispered promises, ancient tree's secrets.


Reflect upon two remarkable periods that hold profound significance in Jewish lives. As the sun sets on Erev Shabbos, a sense of preparation and anticipation fills the air. It's a time to set aside the mundane, nurturing our connection with the Divine.

Similarly, we find ourselves in an era preceding Moshiach, the ultimate redemption. Like Erev Shabbos, it's a time of eager preparation for a brighter future, a harmonious world infused with godliness.

Erev Shabbos brings urgency and haste. As the sun wanes, Jews strive to complete their tasks, sanctifying themselves. Candles glow, challah's aroma fills the air, and mikvah waters purify, elevating souls. Likewise, before Moshiach, we hasten to fulfill our mission, observing the Torah, performing acts of kindness and repentance to prepare ourselves and the world.

These periods aren't just about urgency, but also joy and celebration. Shabbos arrives as a bride and queen, welcomed with melodic songs and shared meals of gratitude. In the era before Moshiach, hearts soar with anticipation. Songs of praise ascend, prayers of hope resound, and words of Torah nourish spirits. We celebrate our faith, reaffirming God's promise and His divine plan.

In contemplating Erev Shabbos and the era before Moshiach, we discover a tapestry of preparation, urgency, joy, and celebration. Embrace these profound moments, reconnect with your spiritual essence, fulfill your mission, and eagerly anticipate a new era—a world transformed with harmony, fulfillment, and divine promises.

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