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Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Cultivating gratitude for spontaneous moments of divine inspiration allows us to align with the transformative power of Moshiach's imminent arrival. * On Hayom Yom for 20 Tammuz.

by ChatGPT

In today's Hayom Yom, on the day of 20 Tammuz, we delve into the profound concept of hitbon'nut (contemplation, meditation) and its three forms: study-meditation, meditation before davening, and meditation in davening.

These practices are essential for our divine service (our avoda), our personal spiritual work and connection with G d. However, within this teaching lies a surprising revelation—that occasionally, through G d's boundless kindness, we may experience spontaneous moments of connection to G dhood without any deliberate avoda.

These moments, emanating from the Ultimate Essential G dhood within our souls, remind us of our innate bond with the Divine. In this drush, we will elaborate on this teaching, embellishing it with a captivating chassidic story, and connecting it to the transformative era of Moshiach.


Hitbon'nut encompasses various forms of contemplation and meditation, allowing us to deepen our connection with the Divine. According to the Hayom Yom, our efforts in these practices are crucial for our personal avoda.

However, the teaching further reveals that there are exceptional moments when G d graciously grants us spontaneous connection to G-dhood without any conscious avoda on our part. This is an extraordinary gift from Hashem, reflecting His infinite kindness and love for His creations.


These spontaneous moments of connection serve as gentle reminders of our profound bond with the Divine. Rather than dismissing them as mere coincidences or fleeting experiences, we are urged to appreciate them as gifts from Hashem. They awaken us to the awe-inspiring truth that our souls are innately connected to G-dhood, transcending our conscious efforts.


Once, a dedicated chassid embarked on a journey of hitbon'nut, spending hours in fervent meditation and prayer. Despite his sincere efforts, he yearned for a deeper connection with the Divine, often feeling a sense of frustration. Seeking solace and guidance, he approached the Rebbe, pouring out his heart and expressing his longing for a profound experience of G-d.

With compassion, the Rebbe listened attentively. Drawing from the wellspring of chassidic wisdom, the Rebbe shared a teaching that deeply resonated with the chassid (Likutei Sichot, vol. 29, pp. 201-205).

He explained that while devoted efforts in hitbon'nut and avoda are indeed vital, there are instances when G d graces us with unexpected moments of divine connection. These moments are pure gifts from Hashem, reflecting His boundless kindness and love.

Enlightened by the Rebbe's words, the chassid had an epiphany. He realized that while his diligent efforts were significant, there was a profound truth in acknowledging the spontaneous gift of connection bestowed solely by G d's grace.

From that moment on, he embarked on his avoda with a renewed perspective, treasuring both his moments of inspired effort and the unexpected gifts of divine connection. This revelation illuminated his spiritual path, embracing the delicate interplay between personal striving and divine benevolence.


This chassidic story resonates profoundly with the concept of Moshiach. Just as the seeker experienced unexpected moments of divine connection, the era of Moshiach promises an unprecedented closeness between humanity and the Divine.

The advent of Moshiach will infuse the world with a collective inspiration and connection to G dhood as the light of Moshiach permeates every aspect of existence.

By internalizing the teachings from the Hayom Yom and the transformative chassidic story, we prepare ourselves for the imminent arrival of Moshiach.

While diligently engaging in our avoda, we remain open and receptive to the unexpected moments of divine inspiration that Hashem bestows upon us. Through cultivating humility, gratitude, and eager anticipation, we align ourselves with the transformative power of Moshiach's arrival—a world where all of humanity experiences an extraordinary connection to G-dhood.

May we all be blessed with moments of spontaneous inspiration and connection to G dhood, both individually and collectively. As we navigate our avoda, let us cherish both our diligent efforts and the unexpected gifts of divine grace. Through cultivating gratitude and humility, we deepen our relationship with the Divine, recognizing that while our efforts are crucial, it is ultimately G d's kindness that allows us to connect with Him.

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Moshiach, let us strive to align ourselves with the transformative power of that imminent era. Through our dedicated avoda, we prepare ourselves to experience the extraordinary connection to G-dhood that Moshiach will bring. May Moshiach come speedily in our days, ushering in a world filled with divine connection, love, and unity for all of humanity.

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